Employability, Enterprise and Progression Qualification

Employability, Enterprise and Progression

These qualifications provide an opportunity for the young person to step up and explore their future. All three courses are coursework based and have a diverse suite of units (Over 200 unit choices) that can be tailored to any young person’s needs and dreams for the future.

Award in Employability Level 1
Award in Progression Level 1
Award in Enterprise Entry 3 and Level

Employability, Enterprise and Progression Qualifications

Award in Employability (Level 1)

Learners need to achieve a minimum of 6 credits to achieve the Award

Applying for a Job 1
Assessing own Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills 1
Building working relationships with Colleagues 2
Career Planning 3
Career Progression 2
Effective Communication in the work place 3
Effectiveness at Work 2
Learning from a Work Placement 2
Health and Safety in the work place 2
Interview Skills 1
Introduction to Self-Employment 3
Preparing for an Interview 1
Preparing for a Work Placement 1
Searching for a Job 1

Award in Progression (Level 1)

Learners need to achieve a minimum of 6 credits to achieve the Award
*There are over 200 unit choices, provided is a summary of the length and breadth of choices available to make this a unique qualification based on individuals needs and interests.

Active Citizenship in the Local Community 1
Alcohol Awareness 3
Applying for Housing 1
Caring for your baby 3
College Induction 3
Customer Service 3
Drug Awareness 3
Good Tenancy 1
Healthy Living 3
Job Seeking Skills 3
Participating a Vocational Taster Session 2
Personal Budgeting and Managing Money 3
Personal Career Planning 3
Planning own Fitness Programme 4
Sex and Relationship Education 3
Take part in Activities 1
Work Experience 3
Food Safety and Storage 2
Using an Ordnance survey Map 2
Understanding own body image 2
Understanding the importance of a balanced diet and regular exercise 1
Work Patterns 1
Animal Care – Building confidence when working with animals 3
Animal Care – Assist with maintaining the health and wellbeing of  animals 6
Administration – Using scanners and photocopiers 3
Building and Construction – Painting Ceiling and walls 3
Building and Construction – Plastering  techniques 3
Digital Photography 3
Horticulture and Forestry – Cultivating Herbs 3
Horticulture and Forestry – Sowing and Growing Techniques 3
Health and Social Care – The role of young people as peer mentors 3
Using E mails 2
Performing Arts – DJ’ing Skills 3
Performing Art s – Composing music 3
Using standing the retail selling process 2
Service Enterprise – Colour hair using temporary colour. 3
Sport, Leisure and Recreation – Take part in Exercise and Fitness 3
Sport, Leisure and Recreation – Participating in Leisure Activities 3
Transport, Operations and Maintenance – Identification of Basic External and Internal Car Parts 3
Transport, Operations and Maintenance – Repair a cycle puncture. 1

Award in Enterprise (Entry 3)

Learners need to achieve a minimum of 6 credits to achieve the Award

Selling Skills 2
Roles and Responsibilities in Business Enterprise 2
Exploring and Presenting Enterprise Ideas 3
Running an Enterprise Activity 2
Planning an Enterprise Activity 4
Introduction to Self-Employment 3
Marketing Products and Services 3
Promoting a Business 3
Reviewing an Enterprise Activity 3
Handling Money in s a sales situations 3
Purpose of Enterprise Activity 2
Exploring Entrepreneurship 2
Market Research 3

Award in Exploring Enterprise (Level 1)

Learners need to achieve 5 credits to achieve the Award

Exploring Entrepreneurship 2
Exploring and Presenting Enterprise Ideas 3

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