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Education - Sportfit Support Services


Sportfit Shortbreak Care Ltd are very excited to announce that we have become an approved registered centre and provider of a wide range of Gateway qualifications from

Entry 1 to Level 2.

We feel that using Gateway qualifications will allow us to provide an education framework that allows young people to gain confidence. This will be delivered initially with 1:1 tuition in their homes, then progressing to small group sessions in our dedicated education outreach centre, gaining bite size qualifications on the way. Sportfit believe that using these suites of qualifications will enable the flexibility needed to cater for their individual’s needs, interests and wants. These qualifications will ultimately give the young people the recognition of the skills obtained and required in order to become more independent and confident. This will enable them to progress into supported living, further education, training or employment.

Sportfit Shortbreak Care Ltd – Education Suite

A truly bespoke education programme awaits each of the young people in our care!

Becky Rogers who will Head up our Education Department comes to Sportfit with a wealth of knowledge in the Education sector and the care industry. Becky has over 18 years worth of experience in leading, managing and delivering qualifications for young people who have otherwise been disengaged. Becky has delivered excellent success and achievement rates for Functional Skills, Sport and Leisure, Public Services, Caring for Children, Art, ICT, Personal and Social Development courses and Progression qualifications all above national averages data.

Due to her success in her field thus far, Becky has been involved in delivering commissioned projects Europe wide to promote “staying on” in Education and demonstrating how this can be achievable for all. She has also been heavily involved in a NIACE research project to identify why young people become NEET and the barriers to returning to Education and the PCC Zero NEET Campaign.

She is also an experienced external quality reviewer.

Sportfit Shortbreak Care Ltd – Qualifications Suite

Personal and Social Development

These qualifications are tailored to those really
reluctant/disengaged young people and/or those that really need to build
self-esteem and life skills.

Functional Skills

Nationally recognised English and Maths Qualifications for progression on to full-time educations course.

Alternative English and Maths

Nationally recognised qualifications(coursework based) which are individually tailored around the young person hobbies and interests.

Employability, Enterprise and Progression

These qualifications provide an opportunity for the young person to step up and explore their future.


“Since the last review we have seen a real shift in B’s attitude towards education in a positive way. B has made really good connections with staff at the education setting. The staff are genuine and this I think is what billy respects and has thrived as a result. B is always proud of his achievements in education and sends us pictures of his work and certificate in a family group on wassap and we are all encouraged to see that he is taking a genuine interest in his learning. This placement has proven that when B is around positive people and has a good relationship with them that he thrives.

We hope that B will go on to a college setting as he has missed so much education over the years. Now he is in a place to engage, it will be good for him to have this opportunity, and to chose to do something he will enjoy. When B is focused on something he does really well."

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