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Based in Southampton and with 7 years of experience, the Sportfit team are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of young people with behavioural issues and unique situations, as well as their families. We offer high-end support to 16-19 year old young people to allow them, and their families, to take a break. 

We work with young people with developmental delays, backgrounds in abuse and those with family relationship breakdowns. We work with social services and local authorities, as well as the young people themselves, to provide an environment in which our service users can flourish.

We offer bespoke plans for each of our service users to ensure that their plans are tailor made to suit their needs. An initial assessment will be carried out on each service user to determine their needs and the ways in which we can help.

Sportfit are committed to providing affordable, active care for our service users. We do not use outside agency staff in order to help young people form valuable attachments. Sportfit’s atmosphere of positivity and encouragement allows young persons who previously struggled to integrate with their peers to work well in a group.

We offer a range of support packages. Our staff have enhanced DBS checks and are highly trained and qualified in working with behavioural needs and sports provision.


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